Peacock Pride…


Such stunning beauty
on display as he proudly strides about.
Parading for his female,  she must surely be in no doubt.
He is the best, the one and only, the most resplendent of his kind, 
should she ever dare to turn him down,  why, ‘twould prove she be
LadyP © 2011



58 responses to “Peacock Pride…

  1. Hello! I wish you a wonderful weekend!


  2. That’s a nice one Pen, very succinct and to the point,
    Some females just don’t deserve a good looking guy now, do they?
    Have a lovely weekend.
    I’m hoping to have caught up with the garden chores and have some time on the computer. Lollopy licks fro T&R, hugs from me.


    • HI Arlene, was just thinking about you and your shoulder, hope it’s recovering… glad you enjoyed this small offering.. and the Peacocks prideful display. Hugs and Licks to you and Tango and Ruby… xPenx


  3. Meant to say, I’ve got some scrummy Ferroro Rocher and Baileys chocs to munch , birthday present courtesy of the grandkids, fancy joining me in a bit of chocolate decadence ?


    • Ah Arlene, you temptress you, 😀 , chocolates to die for
      I shall fly like the wind, and probably take a wrong turning, and by the end of my travels all will be eaten… with a smile and a shrug you will say, not quick enuff!!! Slowly taste one for me, 😀 ..hugs and woofs to all… xx


      • Sorry didn’t catch this in time Ferroros are gone and Bailey ones well nibbled, sorry, BTW to previous post, the shoulder is a bit better thanks to medication, got physio near the end of the month, thanks, XX


        • well nibbled eh?. missed out again Arlene, Sigh!! ’tis the story of my life. Oh woe is me… 😦 … *cough* (can you hear the violin strains???) … and good luck with the physio. xx


  4. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Sorry you had so many delays, but no worries I’m still here! 🙂

    Doug has the use of his legs back today, but he can’t walk far, so he can’t beg money off me for booze and expect me to go to the shop for him! 🙂

    Getting medical help for him is like pulling your own teeth: NOBODY wants to help him, so I’m hoping the doctor will listen to my concerns BEFORE Doug kills somebody, or himself.

    Thanks for the kind words hun – sleep is OK, but today is not yet over…

    Love and hugs!



    • delays were unavoidable Sir Prenin, first off the phone rang, then again after that one and then…well, enough to say ‘sorted’ int’ end 😉 … and my hopes are with yours in that Doug gets help before too long, … fingers still crossed re ;- Lottery win… Oh Yes! 😀 hugs aplenty xx


  5. Pretty cool piece my friend!


  6. Lovely. Some men are showy like that. 😀


  7. Veritable Dandies of a bygone age Robin, I hate having to fight for mirror space.. 🙂 xx


  8. Möchte nur mal hallo sagen und lasse dir paar Grüsse hier,wünsche ein schönes Wochenende,viele Grüsse Klaus


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