Only A Dream…

Olde Oak Door
Harken to the knocking
on Ye Olde Oak door,
there, it comes again,  one fierce knock more..
no-one dares to answer, none dare heed the call
an arm is raised to knock again, and then is let fall.
Feet slowly walk away, there, hear them on the path?
also hear the breathless sobbing, …then the bitter laugh
slowly ye recover, tempted to peek, make curtains twitch
but beware with red eyes on thee, is the half deranged Witch
she sees and she marks thee, thy mouth opens wide in a scream,
bony finger points, Magic is spake, ye are held within thy dream.
IN turn ye are the one who knocks,
no-one heeds thy frantic call
and the Witch?…
why she has thy life,
she has thy soul, that is all……
LadyP © 2011





52 responses to “Only A Dream…

  1. Oh so spooky Pen wake up to a fine day and forget that luring dream aghhhh Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx:)


  2. I hope I don’t dream of a closed door tonight. This poem conjures up visions of “A Chritmas Carol” and that huge door and knocker that turns into Marley. 🙂 Good poem, Pen.


  3. I’m glad I went through this door with you!


  4. I know this is an incredibly late response but WOW that would be one heck of a scary dream to have! Slightly reminds me of the witch from Beauty and the Beast though – curse and all! Such vivid details! Great stuff Pen 😉


    • No problem Andini, any response is better than no response at all. ( 😀 ) … This was a poem which almost wrote itself once I started the first line, it sometimes happens like that, the germ of an idea grows and voila` … there it is. Mind you, makes me wonder sometimes about my brain and the ideas it comes up with. scary for you?… ’twas even scarier for me. 😉 xx


  5. Great poem. Effortlessly atmospheric!


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