Grasshopper 1
“Are you perhaps a giant”
the grasshopper said,
I looked down surprised to hear his voice in my head.
’No, I’m not’ I answered, then asked how he understood
the language I was speaking, he said he just could.
Apparently all insects can understand what we say
but they’d rather keep their distance, wary of Bug Spray.
Grasshopper 1

I asked him what he wanted, as he seemed so ill at ease
in answer to my question he said “Help me please?
I need a friendly Giant to take me back home.
I’ve wandered far too far on my quest to roam”
Jumping on my shoulder, he continued his plea
and his little worried eyes stared soulfully at me.
Grasshopper 1
“I’ll help you, grasshopper” I was quick to respond.
He jumped up and down, pointing to a distant pond
”I live over there,” he said very excitedly,
if we make good time I’ll be home for my tea”
I asked his name as I walked quickly on my way,
he told me it was Carlin and he had more to say.
Grasshopper 1
Apparently it meant Champion, he needed to pass a test
a Giant bringing him home would make him leader of his nest.
I told him I was glad to help, that he was brave and bold
We reached the pond,  we said goodbye, 
Giant Story told.

LadyP © 2011

58 responses to “Grasshopper…

  1. What a precious story of Carlin the grasshopper. I real leader so brave and wise.
    I love this story, Pen!!
    Deb x


  2. This would make a wonderful picture book poem for children, Pen (must admit I’m not a fan of the grasshopper myself, especially the creepy praying mantis and the locusts that come in their swarms in the country here)


    • my thanks bb, and I’ve not met any Grasshoppers myself, only in my imagination. but I have seen how locusts can eat their way through crops …. so I can well imagine your dislike of Carlins relatives. xx


  3. I liked this so much, Pen, I read it to my granddaughter. She and I look at grasshoppers differently, now…….for we have a story to share. Beautiful.


  4. Talking grasshoppers? Are you sure you didn’t inhale some bug spray?
    Just joking! Great post.


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