Present Time….


“Do you have the time?”  a voice softly enquired,
turning around my ready smile expired
It seemed no-one was standing there,
until Fyrespike appeared floating in mid air.
“Do I have the time for what?” I excitedly said.
He blew on his pipe, making smoke trails that bled
into the cosmos,  as we were now flying between
  past and future, leaving the present
where I had been…
LadyP© 2011

49 responses to “Present Time….

  1. a magical trip between past and future with Fyrespike – what fun!! Are you harnessing that gorgeously-colored plume of energy to fly on?


  2. I really think it is time to unleash the future past we are all ready to hear what happens next!!


  3. i wish i had a Fyrespike


  4. Lovely when a friend comes home and we can leave this mundane world and play once again. Lovely lovely poem my dear Lady P.
    Raven xox


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