A Page Turner..


‘Tis …
a book
like no other,
no tale to tell,
forever open,
mystic pages turning.
Shouldst thou murmur a spell,
incant the words well
thou wilt be blessed
by a great deal of learning.
Mystical sign
But …
of the Book
before thou
cast a first look
should thy incant
be in doubt, thou must ponder,
couldst thou pay the high fee?
For it waits with such glee
as thou become trapped
by a feeling
of wonder.
Mystical sign
Yes …

this Knowledgeable Book,
tricks some who look,
aking their minds
and thoughts
without sorrow.
It just lives to take,
there’s no pity at stake
so beware and
on the

LadyP © 2010
repost ….











50 responses to “A Page Turner..

  1. mmm I wonder maybe I will have a little peek ……..Hugs Sheila and Wile-e 🙂 x


  2. Books really do have an almost magical ability to transport us somewhere else, I love it when I read a book that’s so good I can get completely absorbed into it…
    Beautiful writing Lady P.
    Big hugs, Nikki


  3. Excellent. I love to read and it is my nightly pasttime while drifting off to sleep, sometimes with my glasses still on.
    I thought about the different interpretations people have of the Bible while I read this, Pen. Good poem.


    • MY thanks for reading this one, Leslie, and glad you enjoyed it.. It’s a favourite which I posted on my other site. Blogspot, but I hardly update on it now, since My Girl passed away it’s become almost a tribute to her.. and I cry as I open it… (and I cry now as I think on her again) … BUT getting back to the main subject, The Book, and other books too, I’m reading a lot again, I stopped as my life became a bit hectic, but I missed the release and feeling of submerging into another dimension almost… Personal interpretation is good my friend, very good indeed., as each comment and perspective gives me insight into new poems.. xx
      Mystical sign


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