Diamond Beauty…


is hewn from the rock
that bore it, is taken and cut by
masters of the craft, finding the facets
that so adorn it,  making a gem so
precious, guaranteed to last.

  Who first saw it?
Who first guessed
it’s beauty? Who cut the
first stone, ‘ere perceiving it’s light?
Are we like the fine diamond, Is our potential
ever shining? Crafted as individuals,
our facets gleaming,
star shine bright….
LadyP© 2011


49 responses to “Diamond Beauty…

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    Pen, with your poems – have you ever thought of collating a book of your poetry? It’s just lovely stuff, and I love the way you lay the words out on the page.


    • Hi there Noeleen, many thanks for the compliment, I’ve thought about it, and I do print off each one. (when I remember) and I have sent on or two examples off to a publisher, (ages ago) … but received nothing back, and after checking other peoples poetry on here, I found there are so many and much better than mine, that I just use my site to show my ideas… Once again, thanks for your thoughtful comment, very much appreciated and so glad you enjoy the ‘shapes’ (Usually takes me longer than composing the rhyme.) 😀 xx


  2. Hmm. I hope we get to carve our own facets.


  3. “L’homme, l’être humain est un diamant qui ne demande qu’à être tailler pour en montrer le meilleur qui en ressort de lui-même…”(P.A)
    merci miss Pen de tes mots ici…ils m’inspirent beaucoup…bisous
    j’espere que tu vas bien, tes mots nous manquent, j’espere ton retour prochainement…


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