Maces-1You know that frisson of excitement you get?
preparing to meet someone you’ve never met.
Dressing, as your mind goes on a walk of it’s own,
thoughts zinging around,
whilst you’re safely at home.
Maces-1“Your blind date’s just right” best friend said to you
“he’s kind,  he’s courteous,  with eyes ever so blue”
‘If he’s perfect’ you wonder, whilst putting on your face
‘why no significant other?’ and
‘should I carry my mace?’
Maces-1  Nerves jangling in front of the mirror you stand
searching for faults,  your hair needs a firm hand
your dress is not right, the earrings don’t quite go,
maybe text and cancel?
Your brain answers “NO”
Maces-1Patiently you wait, ready to answer the front door,
a hasty mist of perfume, muttering ‘Last time for sure,
no more blind dates’   just as the bell is rung.
Anticipation, like Cinderella,
is your Prince finally come?
LadyP© 2011



























44 responses to “Anticipation…

  1. Oh my goodness Pen I’ve missed so many of your updates this week! I’m sorry I didnt get here sooner but i’ve just made a hot cup of coffee and am all set to stay awhile and get all caught up. I love reading your poems!!:)
    Nikki x


    • HI there Nikki, and a cup for me too?.. 😉 … sometimes I find I’ve been away for just a day or two and all the updates I need to catch up on makes my mind boggle.. flipping heck… my fingers fly over the keyboard trying hard not to make mistakes…Hope you enjoyed the read my lovely friend. xx


  2. Omg I want to know what happened!! Was he a prince or a toad? Did you go on a lovely date or was it a disaster? Did this even really happen? LOL.
    But yes I know that anticipation and excitement of a first date, my stomach would feel like it had hundreds of butterflies swirling around!
    Big hugs, Nikki


    • butterflies abounded Nikki, and this was faction, in that most is from life, (excepting the mace…didn’t have room in my handbag. 😀 ) … I married and the romance stayed alive for a number of years…then romantic love died, leaving friendship…..xx


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