Day by Day

Empty seas

Empty seas


To sleep, to dream,  to wake
to seem to be living
day by day
with a life set on auto,
programmed to be that way.
To change the course,
to just break free
to set a sail for the open sea,
describes how life is meant to be.
So sleep, so dream, so wake
   so you can 
love your
    day by day…
LadyP© 2011

45 responses to “Day by Day

  1. Day by day is how it is right now Pen
    A light went out of my life 3 months ago, and its taking some hard work to relight it.. if I ever will be able to.

    To sleep would be nice, to awake to a fine morning, full of resolution and thirst for life, so that I CAN love my day by day, instead of waking up, going through the motions and waiting for the day to finish.

    Maybe one day …soon


    • I wish I could take the pain of loss away or at the very least ease the agony I know you’re feeling Nick, the light has gone out, but her presence and her life is still in continuance through you and yours… Time heals most wounds or at least covers over the scars,,. I do hope that your day by day is loved, as well as lived soon my friend. xx


  2. I’ve just found your message Pen,
    Thank you.. You’re right about time, though I’m not sure about the healing, covering scars is more like it… memories fade, and with them the intensity of feeling… or maybe you just get used to it…..
    lots of love n hugs


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