Water brings life,
can also take it away,
we take it for granted
each and every new day,
we wash and we drink
at the turn of the tap
yet some are dying
because of
the lack.


44 responses to “Water…

  1. Precious precious H2O, we often take it for granted, but without it there simply would be no life.
    In canada we have water in abundance, I have wondered why they can’t ship massive containers of it to the countries who suffer from draught, and then I realize that they probably do…
    Sadly water can’t be a renewable resource if it was never a resource to begin with.
    Nikki x


    • There are so many options and ideas that die a death Nikki, before they even get off the ground…. I thought desalination plants?..for those near the sea…but money is the key as always. these Countries are poor, or their Governments are crying poverty, whichever reason… Money will out..every time. I just wonder when will there be an end to need, the simple and desperate need for people to be reduced to begging for a drop of water … a mouthful of food . xx


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