slinky question mark

slinky question mark When
thoughts become 
wishes it’s often too late
by then we’re unsatisfied
simply railing against fate.
The world about seems
much better for some
leaving us waiting,
unsure what’s to come.
We think on the future 
as we wonder about need.
Being served what we wanted,
are we simply led
by greed?

53 responses to “Wishes…

  1. your piece is an important reminder… i find i often check-in with myself to see if the things i think i want are really the things i need. it’s good to take some time to reflect… i find it helps to point out that many of the things that we need and have in life (especially the very important ones like love and health) we end up taking for granted.


    • I hear you Cursi, and agree wholeheartedly, I often stop and wonder if what I place as a need is really that… or am I just following a trend, a thought brought on by simple advertising ploys… Buy this and it will bring you happiness…the latest up to date, up to the minute fix.. Makes you wonder about brainwashing. xx


  2. Pen you are a woman after my own heart – most of my daydreams involve who I would give money to and what causes I’d support! 🙂

    I guess I am born to share and there’s no harm in dreaming is there?

    Trouble is: If I DID win I’ve got a lot of people around me who would badger me ragged in the hopes of getting a taste…

    Love and squishy hugs!



  3. Lieber Gruss und einen schönen Montag Gislinde


  4. The older I get, the more satisfied I am. But I do remain greedy about food…;) xx


  5. Hi Lady P,
    I love how your poems are usually about things all people can completely relate to, you get people thinking, and sharing insights, you’re a wonderful writer dear Pen.
    I agree with what you said in your comment, I imagine it would get pretty boring to live forever, but I think my taste for it would dissipate slowly, very very slowly:P
    Have a great day, big hugs, Nikki


    • Thanks for the compliment, Nikki, and glad you enjoyed the questioning, …. and slowly would the zest for everlasting life dissipate, but once the taste had gone, I wonder how we would cope? … Good thing we won;t have to find out. methinks. Big hugs to you too my friend. xPenx


  6. Beautifully written as usual Pen 🙂 What we want, what we wish for..is sometimes not what we need. And what we need so often doesn’t fall into our great plans for our life, but..in the end, its what really matters..


    • Thank you Shree, so many ways in which we satisfy our needs and wants, and I wonder if we ever are totally fed… ‘spiritual’ wise… I suppose it all comes down to the fact that we are all ‘led’ at some stage in our lives, by wanting… and don’t consider the need part ’til afterwards.. xxx


  7. “Leaving us waiting unsure what’s to come”…….
    A beautiful insightful poem Lady Pen.. I often sit and wonder what the world has waiting for us…. I often send out my Cosmic order… But I often get a surprise package… For its often not what we want, but what we need that comes back.. And that’s when we have to be careful what we wish for.. For often it comes in ways we never foresaw.

    Each of your posts Pen hold such deep thought.. 🙂


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