Azure Skies…

Grain of HumanityIn plumbing murky depths
thou must first recognise, dizzy
heights were e’er reached by
scaling azure skies. 
If thy fall is
thou must
think on,
self-doubt begone. 
So cast thine own light,
ne’er lamenting thy creed., 
for thou art the genus
of Adams seed.

47 responses to “Azure Skies…

  1. This is so profound, and I love the way you have put your poem like an egg timer .. As to me Life’s lessons often come reversable.. We some times reach those dizzy heights and then take a fall.. while at other times we sometimes need to reach rock bottom before we can climb and soar…

    You are a very gifted poet Pen.. and I wish I had paid you a visit sooner… 🙂


    • MY thanks Sue, sometimes the words just flow, and it’s not ’til I read the finished poem that I realise the gist myself.., then the ‘shaping’ begins… I seem to primp for ages… (much like myself standing in front of a mirror before daring the gusty winds outside… 😉 ) … I have a belief that we don;t know ourselves ’til we’ve tasted the highs and lows of life… Our capabilites are there, we just need to find them….. Many thanks for your lovely comment and compliment, Sue, very mush appreciated xPenx


  2. I was wondering if you wrote concrete poems, shape poems. Your poetry has a very visual aspect to it. I would think you are very conscious of their shapes, even though you are using the breaks for emphasis.

    I am personally terrible at concrete poems, so I have an undying respect for those who can do it. I have a hard enough time gtting a paragraph to read correctly let alone form an image out of the text.

    I appreciate the theme of the poem, there are a lot of use who walk in the clouds and then we seem to step through clear skies and fall. I’m not sure what I just said alludes except probably my own life experience and my perception of reality, but… I like the rhyme at the end as well; it’s a nice traditional way to end the poem.


    • Now Charles, I have to admit you made me wonder what ‘concrete’ poetry was… and so I googled to get the complete answer… and you know something?.. I had no idea that was what I was doing, I just wanted to ‘shape’ for my own and everyone else’s enjoyment ( hopefully) and that it was a recognised art form didn’t enter my head … I’m pleased you enjoyed the read of this one, it just grew like topsy, from the first line, … which sometimes happens ….but more often doesn’t … and the last line flew into my head and stayed… Like setting concrete I suppose. and shapes wise, I ‘play’ until something looks ‘just right’ to mine eyes. 😀 xx


  3. It is a sad thing to reach the top and know you must come down and begin again. I have a fear heights …but is the least of my worries. 😦
    You are in my thoughts and missed very much. Hoping you are embracing the New Year.


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