Balancing Act…

                                      Earth balance                              
                                                      eyes to see,                
                                                minds to grasp,                
                                          should we know better         
                                    when we look to the task?                                      
                              As mere flesh encases
                          what’s held within
                                                            the soul, the centre,                                             
                                                           surely born without sin.     
                             As with eyes to see and minds to grasp,      
                             does it                     
                                           are up to the task?   



53 responses to “Balancing Act…

  1. Hi Pen, sorry I missed this one, I’ve had a busy time this week, and I try and give the shoulder a rest, so maybe I’m not up to the task of keeping up with my blogger friends, 😦 that would be very sad, well for me anyhow. I hope your weekend has been a good one, mine was. It’s nearly 7 pm and my eyes are all but closing, so there’s another task I’m not up to keeping…staying awake to watch \\strictly, I bet Audley goes tonight, not a good show for him last night now was it\/ he certainly wasn’t up to the task. Love and hugs from we sleepy 3 XX


    • Audley went, Arlene, as we both thought…and it’s Wembley next week… (hopefully next one out is Russell Grant…He raises a laugh but ’tis a Dance show when all said and done.. ) … Hope your shoulder is feeling better after resting it.. (It’s taken since June for my ankle to stop swelling.., slow to heal but then , the body takes it’s own sweet time…) I hope you are up to the task of ‘keep blogging’… (sorry Brucie) … hugs to you Tango and Ruby.. xxx


  2. A thoughtful writing Pen , trying to keep up to the task can be onerous sometimes but I find to keep my mind fertile I persevere in my endeavours
    Cheers girl


  3. Another great, simple but effective addition to the collection Lady Pen.
    A soul born without sin indeed, except for that which Adam & Eve left us all with….
    I think we are up to the task but sometimes along the journey of life many of us allow setbacks to become permanent deterrents.
    We can take a different easier course which leads to the missing of those wonderful opportunities and moments which are received from following ones purpose, no matter how hard it is at time to follow.

    I’ll stop there, you’ve stimulated me with these few words and if I don’t exercise some self control this comment will turn into a Blog post.

    Have a good evening honey. 😉


    • glad you were taken with this one Phil, it made me think on it too… Sometimes the words flow and I wonder about the whole meaning afterwards… But as I’m always questioning myself…it comes as no surprise that I do a questioning poem more than once.. 😀 Wishing you and yours a fantastic rest of the week my friend. xPenx


  4. I’d like to be more optimistic, Pen. Perhaps those who struggle are not lost. Well, that’s the best I can do for now.


    • I think being optimistic is the best way to be Monica… Sometimes the poem writes itself or is simply a reflection on my mood at the time… Task-wise I think we just have to try… warmest regards my friend xx


  5. I like this one touches on my thoughts of late. I must say you do have a way of reaching into ones thoughts and feelings with your words. Makes me ponder “we are all related” through thoughts and soul somehow.
    Anyway, I am hoping you are well and perhaps off on an island basking in the sun somewhere. 😀
    Love and hugs,


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