Gazing at you,
scanning your face,
then our eyes meet, 
locked in place.
Holding fast, duelling together.
Reflecting times, staring in the mirror.


54 responses to “Reflecting…

  1. As an artist, I have faced just what you write about, this poem, many times while painting and creating my self portraits. There is always that moment when the image in the mirror becomes someone else. It always makes me wonder what I really don’t know about myself that others “see”. You have captured that feeling well, this poem, Pen.


  2. There are many times i’ve looked in that mirror and hated what was looking back at me, troubled times.
    Now I look and just feel sorrow for the sad face that stares unblinkingly out of the depths of somewhere far away.
    Great poem Pen, a comment on self doubt maybe???


  3. It’s funny how this poem is a short one but yet it given me lots to think about.
    Wonderful poem Lady P! Big hugs to you, Nikki xo


  4. I dig this one Dear Pen 😉


  5. I come to wrong time xPenx that I don’t feel like going to the cemetery in the dark..I go back to watch the golf on the TV.
    We had 34C hot weather yesterday today the rains day pretty dark outside
    You have a nice weekend,


  6. Reflecting through another’s eyes is sometimes like being at home inside the circle of their arms…kindred souls. What a warm feeling.
    It is good to be here and see your writing has continued in the evergreen field of blossoms. Thanks for your kind comments and thoughts much appreciated. smiles, xox


  7. Hello Miss Pen

    Derrière le miroir, est-ce l’âme d’une vie
    ou bien la vie de notre âme qui s’y refléte
    sur le devant de l’univers ?
    Sommes-nous à la recherche d’un soi
    autre que celui que nous sommes dans la vrai vie?

    jolie courte poésie miss Pen, qui donne à réfléchir je trouve ! Merci
    bises de Brest en France
    Behind the mirror, is it the soul of a life
    or even the life of our soul that is y reflects
    on the front of the universe?
    Are we looking for a self
    other than that we are in real life?

    I find it pretty short poetry miss Pen, thought-provoking! Thank you
    Kisses of Brest in France


  8. Lady Pen: I suppose it to be one of the more heightened moments in life when one sees oneself in the eyes of another and/or a mirror or both, but then again, it is even more astounding when there is absolutely no reaction to the eyes of any living person and seemingly nothing staring back in the mirror. Be it the either which, there are benchmarks in such moments that are close to unforgettable, if not equally at times something that one might well hope to forget altogether. There is absolutely nothing quite like such a thought before hitting the sack and calling it a day,…. I notice that some have expressed the thought that you have been quiet lately. If it’s any comfort, I have felt somewhat that way myself….


  9. I really like graphic and poem
    Magical night.


  10. Such a short poem yet so profoundly written.


  11. I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog, I love your work and have decided to follow along
    best wishes


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