Dark Prophecy…

Moonlit graveyard

Dark path lit
by moonlights stare,
on you stumble,  unaware
of eyes that watch as you go by
you take a breath, they do sigh.
Since aeons past they wait in vain
for you alone, they know your name
and now you come as was foretold
the ancient prophecy will unfold.
To aid them all in their last fight,
cast aside the chains of night
in search of power over Death
this graveyard seeks your final breath.



66 responses to “Dark Prophecy…

  1. Good and dark, like it like that, sometimes 😉
    All the Best, my friend
    Peace, xx


  2. Hey You Where Have You Got To?
    At this rate I will be sending the Zombies
    out tp look for you and you know what
    they are like? 😦 Well you’ve been warned
    so get your skates on and let’s have a
    new posting added PRONTO 🙂

    I do hope that you are alright Lady Pen 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  3. Don’t go there, Pen!


  4. Great forward motion. Love the rhymes and the approach to meter.


  5. The cemetaries in Europe are often designed like parks, such peaceful and beautiful resting places. Actually that’s were we often played as kids … looking for snails, chasing bunnies, helping the caretaker carry the wreaths to fresh graves rirgt after a funeral … I know it sounds a bit macabre, but it was “fun” … Woofs, and purrrs and tweets, my lovely friend. Always, cat.


  6. Wish i can continue
    in there the dead doth lay
    the toils of life they doth not pay
    for as a babe they came empty
    the grave cannot fill the richness plenty
    for to what doth the dead worry
    or their early departure made sorry
    life a song played to destinys hand
    life that end in graveyards tombstone stand


  7. Just calling by to wish you a
    fangtastic weekend Lady Pen 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  8. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    I absolutely
    the way you

    your poetry.

    Your pages are interesting, intriguing, engaging,



  9. Wonderful poem and the creativity of layout to have the poem appear as a headstone with the last line being the grave yard’s earth-beautiful.


  10. I love how some of your poems have a slightly different angle at the end….I love to be surprised….this was great


  11. Awesome. You have a great talent. Enjoy writing, it brings me much joy.


  12. mystic, dark, beautiful!!!!!


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