Alternative Christmas…

Hubble Spots a Celestial Bauble 
Christmas as a child seemed easy to me
food and presents in the bosom of the family.
Never knowing the hardship behind the scenes
the cost and emotion, sometimes loss of dreams.
Family splits, hurtful arguments and more
gain momentum by Christmas knocking on the door.
The Season for caring, loving and giving
is an alternative Christmas
from the one some are living.
It seems we’re judged by
the amount we spend,
too little or too much,
hardly matters in the end.
For the  barometer of how little you are worth,
is now a fact, become a mockery of Jesus’s birth…

LadyP ©2011


Apologies to friends old and new for disappearing so suddenly, family problems have become paramount, hence the poem above… Normal service shall resume as soon as possible…Please bear with me…. xPenx


106 responses to “Alternative Christmas…

  1. Hi Lady P; Just wanted to drop by once more and tell you how much you are missed here. Hope things are okay with you.


  2. My thoughts and best wishes to you my sweet friend.

    God Bless and Happy New Year! 🙂

    Love and hugs always.



  3. Hi my friend, we were only friends a short while, but you made a huge impact with your wonderful poetry..
    I’m dropping by to wish you well, where ever you may be.. One Year on I hope life is treating you well.. As I send you well wishes for 2013 Pen..

    May it bring you Happiness and Joy, Health and Peace.. Love Sue ~Dreamwalker


  4. marjie(MeMyself)

    Hello Pen, just to let you know that you are still in my thoughts, really miss you and your blogs. Whatever went wrong for you in 2012 I really hope that you begin to pick up in this new year. Sending you hugs and love xxxx


  5. Lady PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP where are u Miss ur poetry


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