A Key Dimension…

House-with-Key I put my key into the lock
but found it wouldn’t budge,
the door it seemed
to snigger as if it
bore a grudge.
I fiddled ‘n I jiggled
then resorted to a kick,
but that didn’t help at all
only left me feeling sick.
’Twas then the door
sneered at me
as it’s long
It was not
the door, or the key,
I was in the wrong world…

49 responses to “A Key Dimension…

  1. il faut avoir la bonne clé pour reussir à ouvrir la bonne porte miss Pen
    en tout ce qui en est sûr c’est que tu as la belle clé qui ouvre la porte des mots poétiques….
    bisous vers toi chere amie


  2. Those pesky parallel dimensions always catch you out when you least expect it, don’t they Pen? Interesting to visit, but always quirky. I wonder though, if we visited a parallel dimension that was exactly the same as this one, would we ever get to notice? Hmmm… that thought has hurt my brain…


    • erm, … well, I think if my door started licking me as a aperitif… (before showing it’s teeth) .. I would certainly know something was definitely up.. Sir Aquatom, … I hope this never happens though, mayhap another dimension is nice for a coach trip, but not to stay sort of thing… 🙂 xxx
      (many, many thanks for all your comments,. gave me a lift early morning when I was feeling sorry for myself.. xx)



  3. Ooo…hmm…I read Tom’s comment..it’s starting to make my mind twist and turn!


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