Tawny Decision…

Owl  Poor
Tawny Owl was
feeling ever so weary,
sitting under a moon
shining whitely down.
He sighed, then blinked

twice to see clearly,
coughed loudly, 
staring down with a frown.
The large gathering sat before
him, were all restless,  making such
a loud din, taking no notice of his wise
decision, so gaining their attention was up to
him.  He swooped quickly, picking up a
youngster, who squealed loudly and wriggled
in his hold, Owl dropped him on a grass mound
safely,  hooted once and said  ‘Do as you’re told’
They all grew quiet, then patiently waited
for Tawny Owl to continue with his say.
all they heard was a loud snoring sound…
Poor Tawny Owl has had such a tiring day…


44 responses to “Tawny Decision…

  1. heureux que vous avez apprécié l’histoire de Mr Hibou, Paul. baisers. xx



  2. An enjoyable fairy tale that would make any child smile before going to bed.
    I certainly enjoyed it


    • You made my day, Ian, (I did a typo there and it looked like >> f’day << ) *cough* … anywho.. before I choke to death… have a great weekend, you and Ana too… xPenx



  3. Awww…..I loved the poem and would love to know what the whole story was about too! It sounds interesting!


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