Well Wishing…

A pen
to hold, a page
to write, a mind to think,
an idea shines bright, words quickly flow
to begin the tale, 
about a
with it’s hanging pail. Imagination
is unbound, with the sky the limit,
or deep underground, as a coin
is dropped, a wish is made, 
too late to worry
or be dismayed,
the time has passed,
your fears abound,  as now you hear
the splashing sound, what happens next
is up to you, what did you wish for?…
and will it come true?


56 responses to “Well Wishing…

  1. Think the coins I have dropped into wishing wells over the years are still falling.


  2. Lovely, Pen. I think it did come true. 🙂


  3. I’ve never met a wishing well before! But this reminds me of the analogy of thinking you don’t know what you want until you toss a coin, and at that split second when the coin is in the air…you know exactly what it is that you want! I wonder if that happens when tossing a coin into a wishing well too?


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