Flying Wishes The wishes of billions,
pleas of millions, silently flying high.
Whoever doth hear their pleading,
since the dawn of time slipped by?
Should thy voice be heard over many,
in a wish to rewind thy life,
would there be an answer ready,
a choice to cut clean with a knife?
Wouldst thou start
from the very beginning
as a babe, page blank and unknown
or choose again via teenage years,
feeling lost,  not totally grown.
All gifts come with a warning,
alas this one comes with three,
say farewell to thy present life,
thy past, and the person
that is thee.


50 responses to “Options…

  1. Starting over is something that dreams are made of but in reality we have the power to remould our lives and change whom we are, it isn’t easy to accomplish but the journey is worth it should someone take up the quest 🙂

    Have a lovely Thursday Lady Pen 🙂

    Andro xxxx


    • True enough Andro, we have that chance to change ourselves and therefore our lives, hopefully for the better… In this way, I would love the chance to be able to press ‘reset’ …. as a get out clause type of thing, should there be no improvement, …a cheat?… of course… but one which is fantasy… Have a wonder-filed weekend, Oh Darkest One… Zombies an’ all… 🙂 xxPenxx

      Flying Wishes


  2. Excellent Pen, now where is my Wish list!???


  3. Oh the age old question: Would you change anything from your past / relive your life. I don’t know Pen, I agree with your last lines…we are who we are right now because of every thing that has happened before. Would I want to change that? This evening as I sit here, catching up on your blog posts…I honestly would say, “I don’t know” but know that I am leaning towards that No 😉


    • Me too, Shree, if anyone offers that is, my final answer would be no… for the thought of starting over would have mind blowing repercussions methinks… No turning back the clock… 🙂 !!

      Flying Wishes


  4. un texte qui nous en donne des interrogations je trouve !
    bravo en tout cas pour ldiversité de tes mots
    bisous ma douce amie


    • les options qui nous l’espérons ne sera jamais offerts Paul, la vie est un hors occasion, je pense, à être offert longévité ou la vie éternelle mettrait une pression sur notre planète peuplée dessus. bisous à toi mon ami. xPenx

      Flying Wishes


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