Shock, Horror…

Yesterday, In Woolwich London,  A man stands, a bloody cleaver and knife held in his red tainted hands… He’s talking quite calmly to a passer by, who’s taking a video on his mobile. He and his accomplice stand waiting for the police, while the body of  a soldier off duty, having just left his barracks, lies dead on the ground, they tried and succeeded to behead him, the ultimate in horror …   It was a moment in time I will never ever forget… One thing which sticks in my mind,  is a women walking past the murderer, pulling her shopping cart, she just brushes past him, and continues on her way… shopping…   Shock and horror.   Unbelievable scenes, … Mans inhumanity to man.

44 responses to “Shock, Horror…

  1. I read about it…and it made me ill too. It makes it even sadder because they think they are fighting for something “good”. They don’t realize. We need to realize that God, no matter what we call Him is One…and religion – no matter what we call it has been tainted by the power and control of fellow humans.
    I might sound a little weird here…but this is just something that I had thought of…but among all the “major” world religions, I would say that Islam is much younger…going through it’s teenage years. Christianity went through it’s darker time years ago…now it’s their time to go through it. We may not understand this..not comprehend especially in this day and age when we are supposed to be more civilized and rational minded..and just more humane with all the history has taught us…I don’t know, I was walking with my God sis one morning after hearing the news of what happened to that young soldier and that was what I thought.


    • Many thanks for your in depth comment Shree, and no, not weird sounding at all, in fact I agree with your thoughts… that day, as the whole scenario unfolded on the TV screen, it was so hard to believe your eyes. No matter how brain washed they were, believing that their cause was right and in need of horror induced publicity, how on Earth could they carry out the plan?… As human beings, how could they commit the atrocity in the cold light of day? I think that was why so many people responded with numbness and disbelief… And that is why religious fervour is to be feared, for they all carry the belief that ‘my cause is just, and my God is with me.’ … As you say, hopefully we learn. to live with who we are and what we’re capable of. xxxx


  2. L’homme dans sa plus grande cruauté !!!!
    des mots sensibles de ce qui s’est passé…<3


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