Melting Pot…

Gas Giant, HD100546  A beginning, a creation
formed by cosmic dust,
’tis new life, it will succeed
as we know it must.
A Planet’s birth,
a melting pot
aeons in the making.
A secret recipe, as Earth,
Le Cordon Bleu baking.


63 responses to “Melting Pot…

  1. Ein kleiner lieber Gruß von mir er kommt mit Freude gleich zu dir er wünscht dir einen guten Dank ohne Mühe und Plage. Grüße dich lieb Gislinde


  2. I wont feel like thing won’t get better and white I know intellectually that is not true if feel true in hurts like deep scratches on my heart .
    Sorry Next time I hope I can write better for you!


  3. All I can think of now is Cordon Bleu! Lovely poem Pen – love the creativity as always 🙂


  4. une bien belle vision de la naissance d’un univers….bises Miss Pen


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