Code Bug…

is it
a ‘code’,
that grips
the body
and is a pain
in the ‘node?’
Try as I might
I can’t shake it off
my head’s all woolly
but the worst is the cough,
‘hacking’ it is, driving me mad,
But my voice is all sexy,
so ‘tis not all bad….

I have never been a good patient, and this ‘code’ proves no exception, going through all the different symptoms,  stupid and woolly headed, smilingly sniffy, and now this morning, to wake up and find myself painfully coughing and talking like I’ve swallowed broken glass, well, to say I’m not a happy Bugs Bunny is an understatement,  more like an angry Daffy t’Duck methinks…  angry Daffy

64 responses to “Code Bug…

  1. Exactly how I am feeling at the moment Pen, time for me to swallow my macho pride and head for the Doc.
    Hope yours clears soon.


    • Me too, Ian, and I hope the Drs sort you out… Ours’d take ages fitting you in, and by the time you met the appointment you’re usually better…. or dead!! ‘Cough’ Only joking. xxx
      angry Daffy


  2. You having a painfully coughing with an angry Daffy’t duck methinks.
    I was Hacking it is driving me mad.But my voice is all sexy, so it not all bad.
    Sorry about my idea xpenx.
    I will work better next one.


  3. Oh Pen Lost my voice many times , hope your head is getting clear and your throat is recovering .
    Enjoy your weekend hope it’s sunny there and Frodo is having fun.
    Hugs Sheila xx


    • It’s finally beginning to let go it’s grip, Sheila, … many thanks for your well wishes… Frodo was working earlier on, but now we’re overcast he’s just sitting there, staring… But I’m so glad we got him, he puts a wide smile on my face. 🙂 xxxxx hugs to you both… xxxxx
      angry Daffy


  4. There is nothing worse than coughing and spluttering one minute and having a stuffy nose the next and then it is time for the dreaded midnight frog that never goes 😦 Grrrrr bloody colds we all hate ’em kiddo and I hope that yours is gone sooner rather than later 🙂 🙂

    Here have one of these chocolate muffins, it won’t cure that horrible cold but at least it will be a nice taste, well that’s if you haven’t lost that too 😦 Grrrrrr

    Andro xxxx


    • I know, Andro, no-one understands I was dying, I tells you!! Sobbbbs!!!
      but now, what cold?..well, it’s still here sniff wise, and the coughs tickling now and again, but my heads clear. (although don’t tell the cold, will you? or it’ll come back with a bl**dy vengeance!!) … I’ve lost my taste for chocolate, …. erm… maybe not!!! (((muffin munch!!)))) 😉 xxxxxPenxxxx
      angry Daffy


  5. LOL!! Pen. I know just what you mean. xx


  6. comme j’aurais aimé entendre ta voix si sexy, rendue par cette toux grasse et dérangeante pour toi
    kisses for you miss Pen


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