Gas Man Cometh…

 British Gas Waiting seems an art form.
Do you just sit and stare?
or perhaps you keep busy,
‘til whoever’s suddenly there.
Do you drum your
fingers loudly,
do you settle
and read
a book?
or maybe pace, turn and turn about
never giving the clock a second look.
All at once the waiting’s over,
they arrive and all is well,
forgotten is the time wasted
you’re off…,
at the sound of the bell.

14.40pm/ Not too bad this time, the Gas Man has just rung to say he’s ten minutes away… so all I’m doing is coughing my time away… I wonder?. should I warn him I’m probably contagious?… Nah!!! 😉  xx

52 responses to “Gas Man Cometh…

  1. une longue attente bien mise en écrit….!
    bisous miss Pen


  2. I kinda stare….and day dream…hehe


    • Good to know Shree, 🙂 I try to tell myself I shall be patient, I shall just wait, and smile sweetly, when whoever ‘they’ are finally arrives and I do, manage to smile sweetly I mean, Patience? Nah!! xxx

       British Gas


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