Light Choice…

Magic You see this lantern?
You see it’s light?
Look deeply and don’t turn away,
Only few are blessed to see this sight
now you are added to the list today.
Many have searched in lifelong quest
for The Light to guide their way
to repel the darkness at it’s behest
So, choose the light,
keep dark shadows at bay….

LadyP © 2010

re-post, … for some reason I feel the need to shine a light this morning.
happy weekend to all.. xx

54 responses to “Light Choice…

  1. I like this, Pen. Your compassion and lovely humor light our way!


  2. la lumiere c’est la vie,
    une lanterne d’espoir
    qui des ténébres, surgit…(P.A)
    comme tes mots sont si beaux miss Pen
    bisous très chère amie des mots


  3. Heureux que vous avez apprécié mon partage du Magic Light Paul, il a toujours été un de mes préférés. baisers xPenx



  4. Beautiful 🙂 And to think all we need to realize is that we carry the light within us…light from above within us as well 🙂


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