Traveller’s Rest…

I bid thee good day, traveller
art thou sorely in need of a drink?
Doth thy bones feel tired and weary
craving a soft bed in which to sink?
Thy journey seemed fraught, endless,
a personal quest, a memory gone.
Please rest, sit and take repast
’tis a while since I aided anyone.
Hearth ‘n home I freely offer
a welcome to tarry ‘til daybreak
but a word to the wise I proffer
answer no knocks, for pity’s sake.
There be one who’s soul is restless,
she roams about in search of peace,
pray ignore her pleas and entreaties
LadyP will bend thy ear ‘n never cease.

this came to me last night,  sleepless, as a dreamscape, a story in a story.     I just enjoyed the darkness of it. xx


58 responses to “Traveller’s Rest…

  1. Your talent and creativity always blows me away! Great one, Lady P. 🙂


  2. Love the story, the picture, the ending. We must answer Lady P’s knock on WordPress’ door!


  3. tu es une formidable touche à tout dans tes mots miss Pen
    un jour, faudra qu’on se fasse un duo de mots


  4. The picture the Poem enthralling Pen.

    Hugs Sheila xx


  5. Lovely….but also a little scary! I actually thought about it as when we meet someone along our life journey that gives us the opportunity to “rest” awhile, before we continue on!


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