The Summit …

g8logo Can you hear it,
can you feel it,
voices raised and hearts attuned?
You who sit and plan together,
can you see we’re not amused?
Our numbers increase daily,
our votes cannot be swayed.
We care, we have opinions,
decisions must be made.
Poverty and deprivation
are just words to you in power.
Countless lives are lost daily, facing their final hour.
Get your acts together, “Care for people”
for pities sake, as we all share this Planet
and there’s far
too much at stake.

This poem came to mind In response to Sue Dreamwalkers Blog,  Friday Facts, Privacy and Poverty    We all feel we need to do something, be it sign petitions, donate, vote in order to change things hopefully for the better. I just wish those in power would use that power for  GOOD,  and get things moving before it’s far too late. x


60 responses to “The Summit …

  1. Awesome – hopefully – this time – if we all hope….


  2. Absolutely Penny. But we the people continue to vote for no good politicians and now because of too many people’s ignorance we are paying the price for not waklng up soon enough.

    Frankly I have no idea how we over in the US can get the nut cases out of power. There are only a few politicians that have a wit of sense. Our government is controlled by lobbiests. sp The US is run by utility, insurance, mortage, banking, drug and automotive companies. I see no end. Our country is hardly doing anything to work on environmental issues.

    I’ll get off my soap box now. Sorry that I went off the rails.



    • you are welcome to ‘soap box’ any time Yvonne, for your words ring with emotion and truth. Environmental issues are low, very low down on these governments lists, self serving self seeking, yet they have the power to do so much good , AND we have a voice and they will hear it. Many thanks for your contribution my friend. xx



  3. Sigh, wish they would listen to your poem.


  4. I have only one word for this one, Pen…beautiful!
    Have a lovely evening, my friend!


  5. powerful statement of need in the present tense
    with love, Eddie


  6. My Dear Pen, What a wonderful heartfelt poem you have written, and I so agree about them getting their acts together.. but all the Summit will have sorted is who supports who to send more weapons to Syria, The plight of those whose lives are only going to be made even harder as more weapons are at the disposal of many more..

    My heart is saddened and I have to point you to the direction of a film, called (Thrive)… if I havent already done so… For many years I have known these facts to be the truth.. and this film backs it up with full proof of its evidence findings.. So when you get a couple of hours of an evening free.. Go to Youtube and watch..

    Many thanks also dear Pen for the reference.. I am pleased it inspired! 🙂

    Much love xxx Sue


    • HI Sue, arms for Syria was the main topic, but also the tax avoidance question, trying to stop large companies from shifting profits between Countries, thus helping keep the poorer Countries missing out. As always. they never go far enough, but ’tis a small step in the right direction. Glad you enjoyed my contribution, my friend, in response to your blog. Always inspiring. xxPenxx



  7. Very pertinent writing Pen, wish some of our politicians here in Australia would take heed of those words.


  8. Wonderful thoughts Pen and so true. Sometimes I feel that as soon as one enters the arena of a mist of a curse, all else is forgotten except for the lust of power.


  9. Amen to this lovely poem, Pen


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