Sometimes I wonder                                                     
               am I quite sane?                                              
Sometimes I think          
that madness is fraught
with ideas that circle,
but won’t be caught
The more you try
the less you gain
finding an idea
that will remain
within close range
not set to fly                  
                                        flitting away                              
as you say ‘bye, to sanity        
that noble beast where nothing
is left at
the Mad Hatters feast,         
as the mouse is kept within                          
the teapot, where madness reigns                     
and sadly, sanity does not. 


This came to me as a thought, just a simple thought about how one views everyday things. How we can misconstrue and gain the wrong impression about someone. My slant on life gives me much pleasure and makes me laugh sometimes but am I sane? For I feel sure I have hidden from the powers that be and have escaped the straight jacket!!   😉

50 responses to “Sanity…

  1. The “Mad Hatter” image always intrigues. And of course, as you are you, Pen, and British, I expect you to have a special understanding of the dance between fantasy, reality, dream, vision, appearance. At least in a literary sense. That’s a burden that could drive anybody insane.


    • Yup, Monica, you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head, And not just British but from the North, which has a special significance, as we’re totally black humoured too. Dark humour I suppose you’d call it, so what chance me eh? I suppose when it all boils down to it, you’re as sane as the next fella, and he may be totally ‘off his trolley’. (British for mad!!) 🙂 xx



  2. What sweet insanity! another cup of tea please…
    love, Eddie


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