Memory Access…

sleepy password  Passwords for this,
passwords for that
I cannot remember
so can I pass?
Those little boxes
waiting in vain,
‘please try again.’

I have a binder containing all of my passwords, or so I thought, I’ve been trying for an hour to log into an old email addy,  I Give Up, before the PC takes flight. I added vengeance in the category/tag as it came to mind more than once.    😉  xx


59 responses to “Memory Access…

  1. Surely, the bane of every person’s life, Pen. Well said.


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I had to chuckle…I just got that message in blazing red LOLs!


  3. O yes. Passwords weak and strong we do hate.
    For all things unimportant, I find one handy dandy all purpose phrase does the trick. So goes the age of cyber-space! Into the matrix it tempts us….


  4. Had to stop here first 😉 It was your latest post when I called in via the mobile and I burst out laughing because I’ve been having the exact same problem 🙂 Love the way you wrote it! Didn’t comment then because it can be so much aggro trying to sign into wordpress for commenting on the mobile. Welcome back to the Pack btw 🙂 It feels great to have finally caught up with you again! Woflie hugs 🙂 (WoFLie? lol…well yes…I suppose I can waffle quite expertly when I get started!! )


    • I’ve only tried once to post a comment via my mobile, Icewolfie, and it was worse than the password denied thingy. By the time I’d found all the letters and typed them correctly (for once!) the connection kept failing. OOh not a happy bunny was Pen. (Waffling? Heh!! you’re talking to the queen of all wafflers. 😉 ) Lovely to be back with t’pack. xxx

      sleepy password 


  5. Uh, huh. Was it the user name; was it the pass; was it the capital letters – or not ; was it a typo? Seeing red. Love your “password to sleep”.


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