Seven Things (Dwarfs?)


Snow White plus seven 
I can be Grumpy
when I’m Sleepy,
or Happy while I’m awake.
I have many Bashful moments
with Dopey decisions I make.
When Sneezy fits take over
I sip Docs ‘cure for all’
Now, excuse me for
a moment
Snow White’s
due to call.

I checked the spelling – Dwarves – Dwarf wise,  ‘cos I didn’t want to get it wrong, but it appears it’s more common for the plural of Dwarf to add an ’s’ not ‘ves’ . Phew!!  You learn something new every day.   
Have a great week-end   xxx 🙂 


54 responses to “Seven Things (Dwarfs?)

  1. …And then there appeared………………………..and eight tiny reindeer! and the rest, is pure hysteria!


  2. I didin’t know that about dwarf(s) – thanks for the heads up 🙂


  3. … feel so honoured by you visitng my blog, lady Pen … double woofs, purrrs and tiny whistles, always … Love, cat.


    • ’twas a pleasure to visit Cat, (I don’t escape very often, but when I do you’re the first place I visit… 🙂 ) whispers, double woofs, purrs and ever so tiny whistles. ‘n lots of love xPenx

      six out of seven


  4. bizarrement je ne te vois pas grincheux !!!
    joli version de tes mots Miss Pen


  5. Okay. Yes, I do recall having been HERE before.
    What are we going to do with all these unhappy dwarfs?
    Apple pie and rum punch for ALL!
    That’s the best I can do on short notice.
    If a stripper in a cake is on demand, you’ll have to make that deal on your own fellas!


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