Self Preservation…

I am a coward, I know it,
words will not come,
they stick in my throat
as a barb sticks to a thumb.
Painful it be, as silence doth reign
yet if words ventured forth,
what be the gain?
I am a coward,
I know it,
and after a time,
acceptance seems normal,
the burden purely mine.


52 responses to “Self Preservation…

  1. It’s being human, Pen


  2. You’ve been peeking inside me again
    great post pen; with love, Eddie


  3. en tout cas tes bons mots ne t’ont pas laché miss Pen


  4. I’m not sure I ought to comment beyond this because I’ve just finished reading the post that comes AFTER this one and now I’m all touchy feely feeling and the glib silly reply is being shy—perhaps wisely so.

    Let’s try this—prudence or lack of courage in play?
    Mums the word now.


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