Just ‘Cos…

Wood Knot 1Wood Knot 1I poked a finger in the hole
just ‘cos I could, little did I know
’twas a wish-knot in the wood.
Thoughts swirled wildly,
my finger was held tight,
I had no control at all,
as I pulled
with all my might.
‘Thy wish will be granted’
intoned a voice in my head.
I quickly searched my thoughts
to find which wish I’d said.
My brain was full of chatter,
far too many to filter out.
Now I’m left to wonder
whichever ‘wish’


65 responses to “Just ‘Cos…

  1. Hopefully, when you stuck your finger in the hole it was the proper fit and you were wishing for some delight that will brighten your days.


  2. Hi Pen, really dig this one 🙂


  3. tout les désirs sont à prendre Miss Pen
    alors j’te les accordes tes plus belles pensées…lol
    et superbe ta plume


  4. A granted wish plus a searching froggie.
    Well, first things first, do you already have a version of a particularly gripping gent tooling about your premises at will or?????
    i don’t think this frog is fly swatting …. or is it?


  5. This reminds me of the magic tales my mom used to tell. That little bit that would have me testing out the story she’d tell when I’d go exploring around the house and yard. Once she told me about a witch she called Virginia Wolfe imagine the hair that prickled on my neck when I escaped the house one day and crawled around our old barn and seen a picture of a rather sinister looking woman hidden behind a box! Her tales were much like this one of yours! I miss her. I thank you for your share because I hadn’t thought of that in years and there was just enough magic in your tale to bring that part back to life in my head. Have a smile Lady P they don’t cost a thing!


    • They don’t cost a Penny, Stuart, 🙂 , and glad to bring back a happy memory for you. As a child I used to knock on house walls, and search about for secret passages, anything at all that could be magical and mysterious. Now I just write my ideas down. Imagination can draw forth magical tales from midair. xx
       photo Magician.gif


  6. are you using it already? I forget things all the time. good luck! love, Eddie


  7. You have certainly got yourself int a predicament there Pen,hopefully your wish will come true and your digit removed to safely wish again.


    • Me too, Ian, 🙂 (nearly missed your comment here, sincere apologies for the late reply.) My wish wore off, way too soon. 🙂 OH me oh my, why didn’t I wish for something permanent? MInd you, a permanent Frog Pen? erm.. maybe not.. xxxxxx
       photo Magician.gif


  8. All of them, absolutely……but not that ‘one’………just cos………you got me!!!


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