You Two?…

Soul search Oh
I seem to
have lost it,
altho’ I feel it’s somewhere near.
I only used it a second ago
and put it just about here.
Mayhap you’re in possession
unknowing, you now have two.
Please, would you check for double vision?
Two souls, instead
of the one
that is

A postcard in response would be much appreciated.  🙂


48 responses to “You Two?…

  1. Soul dances
    who has my tutu?
    and where did I get an extra shoe?


  2. That is so very sweet and charming! it is surprising at the end and it is provocative of the thought of a couple swirling in this life as one. Such a warm thing to see and think about especially to those that do not have this. Simply beautiful.


  3. Great poem which makes me think in Plato´s myth of Androgyne, when we were just one with our beloved, special one, soulmate.
    Nice to came acroos your blog, Aquileana 😉


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