Shared Smiles…

 As one who can’t type for toffee, (or chocolate) I found myself in sympathetic mode for the typists who created the  items below. Carry On Typing I say.

Church mistypes 2

church mistypes 2 achurch mistypes 2 b Ah, so many times, when ‘tis too late, you wish for that ‘rewind’ button.  😉

LadyP xx


46 responses to “Shared Smiles…

  1. I actually read these before sitting quietly on morning at a Braum;s dairy store/restaurant it is one of my favorite places to go and sit because they have these little weekly news papers that I never see anywhere else and those little papers have these and other stories that lighten my week when I hear them. One of my personal favorite things that no one knows about me! LOL!


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