hands Hold fast to my hand,  don’t let go,
I have need of your strength
I’m not too proud to show
a weakness inside,
which calls for aid.
Please hold fast
as my senses
handsHold fast to my hand, I won’t let go,
to give you strength, to let you know,
I’m always here, a rock to cling
hold fast, senses flying.
handsHolding fast, sharing true,
Open your eyes,
I am one


52 responses to “Held…

  1. This one is great! xx


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    hold on my heart started playing in my head again….
    Beautiful LadyPen…simply Beautiful


  3. Holding fast Pen, is something we do… But its so good to be held, protected, cared for, cherished.. Sometimes all we need is that hand…

    If ever you feel the need to reach for another to hold onto.. Im here.. xxx

    I have read your recent poems Pen…. and I send you my love.. my heart and my friendship…. Thank you for wonderful comment upon my post.. sending a big hug dear Pen…
    Sue xoxox


    • Thank you Sue, most sincerely, lovely friend, a touching hand mean so much, giving a helping hand, even a handshake, means contact. Sometimes I miss that, my situation is strange, a wall is built and It would take many hands to knock it down. Words, (as mentioned in a previous poem) will not come, and I’m just ‘going with the flow’ … waiting,
      Many thanks for your love and strength and friendship, much appreciated, and treasured. BIG, BIG hugs coming your way. xPenx


  4. Beautiful poem – deep meanings, simply said – I loved this!


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