Brian the Snail 
Eyes meeting,
then a smile,
a few words 
‘It’s been a while’
stop and chat,  there in the street
on the surface two people greet.
Thought uppermost in one brain
”I know this face,  what’s his name?”
Mind is searching, taking ages,
you’d think it had
t’yellow pages
Wait a minute,  found at last
saying ‘bye, the die is cast.
‘Good we met,
Brian’ and a grin
but answering frown creates a spin.
It wasn’t really his name at all,
for his slowness,
an absolute crawl. 



48 responses to “Whatshisname!!…

  1. I loved Brian the snail…. 🙂 along with your poem Pen…. 🙂 Hugs


  2. A wonderful walk to remember. Thanks for sharing out your brilliant thoughts and generous heart with us.


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