dark vs light 2 I be
strong of will,
at others I be weak,
There be a fear inside me
that ‘she’ will wake ‘n speak.
For she resides in the darkness
captured in an oubliette.
I doth guard the entrance,
she hath not foiled me yet.
I view the World eyes open,
hope walled safe in my heart.
Yet she would gain advantage
by tearing battlements apart.
There be two sides to this life,
two sides seeking victory, and she?
she be the opponent,
the other dark side of me.


51 responses to “Checkmate…

  1. Very well done.

    We all have a dark side and what constant battle. Sometimes White wins and some battles Black wins. But who doth win the War?



  2. This is definitely one of your best (for me anyway). The constant struggle over who I am. I remember the boy, where did he go? I also learnt what an oubliette is (had to look it up).
    Sometimes our dark side isn’t really dark, it may just be a different form of gift.


    • I sometimes hesitate Rod, to do darker poems, don’t really know why, ‘cepting I’ve had some comments where they’re asking am I ok? You Know? As if I’m suicidal, or stuck in gloom, but as you say, ’tis another side of you, we’re the total sum of our experiences, be they dark or light, they add up to the whole ‘us’ … You made me smile about oubliette, it’s the first time I’ve been able to use this word in a poem… I learned about it whilst watching the film Labyrinth, garnered knowledge,… so many things to learn, I suppose there never comes a day when you learn all there is to know, I wonder what that would feel like?

      dark vs light 2


      • I had a great Uncle Harry – at ninety he would read with a magnifying glass in one hand and a dictionary at his other, for when he came across a word he didn’t know. He never gave up wanting to learn something new each day.


  3. OH HO! such a twist! and a battle…or chess match as the case may be! Very clever! I love the shape and the though behind this because we all have little chess matches daily (or at least I know for sure that I do) and sometimes that old black queen wins! (hence my impulsive propensity toward committing practical jokes that little voice tells me to)


    • My thanks Stuart, I do try and shape the poems to ‘fit’ the text, but sometimes it doesn’t work so I give up..this one did, so I’m happy, and now I make it seem as if the poem is secondary, which it isn’t, and now I’ve tied myself in knots I shall cease and desist before I get tongue tied.
      😉 Practical jokes methinks are a part of what makes you, you… which to my mind is good. take care my friend.. xPenx

      dark vs light 2


  4. I love this one ma Lady, and it reminds me of when I used to play a lot of chess, actually I might even start again, I hope that you are an avid chess player my dear 🙂 Keep writing these awesome poems, you are brilliant 🙂

    Andro xxxx


    • I tried once Andro, online against the computer, and I kept getting ‘buzzed’ at… It is very much a game of strategy, fore thinking and patience.. qualities which I am sadly lacking. So I keep to card games now, Freecell, Spider, Tripeaks etc… Keeps me outa mischief. 😉 (some hope!!) xPenx

      dark vs light 2


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