Thoughts 1 Untitled this poem,
unknowing the
of what do I write,
of what do I dream?
Nightmares ensue, as 
my brain knows best
what subject to chose,
thus disturb my rest.
Sending deep fears
designed to scare.
Untitled this poem?
My brain has no care. 
Einsteins_Dreamscape_by_TomWilcox I have this belief that my brain hates me,
It knows the fears I hide from everyone else,
  and delights in scaring the living daylights out of me. 


49 responses to “Untitled…

  1. One never knows what the pen will write
    After the brain has been active from a dream filled night.
    Nicely written Pen


  2. bien que sans titre ton poème reste bien beau à lire
    les cauchemars sont là en ta tête mais la rêverie est puissante ma chère miss Penny


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