question mark 3Is
a limit, I wonder,
in the brains ability
to store, memories, ideas,
  facial recognition
and more?
Picture file on file gathering dust,
as our life continues and we re-adjust,
to so many emotions felt on recall,
yet our Brain, single handed,
remembers them all.

On a good day that is!! 

57 responses to “Recall…

  1. A recollection of wonderful thoughts, for
    the rest we can lock them away. Just a positive
    continuance for now and for many a day 🙂

    I love your writing Lady Pen, but
    then I always did my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  2. todadwithlove

    Doesn’t it, Pen? Even when I try and wipe some things away, they’re still there. Maybe the heart is writing them back.


  3. No human nor machine, can create a better computer than the human brain, every thought,deed,action and emotion is registered.
    This computer can never be turned off, but will keep registering until the last breath.


    • Your words say it all Ian, our brains are ‘us’ (sounds like an advert there!!) and seem limitless in their outstanding abilities… Many thanks for your comment and sincere apologies for the late reply. xxx

      question mark 3


  4. No limits. Nope. Just limits on our patience to gain access. Or so I like to think. Actually, have you ever tried flipping your brain OFF totally?


    • erm…no I haven’t Eva, but I’d be scared to try, just in case the reboot didn’t work. 😀 … and patience? I have loads, I just forget where I left it last…and lose patience trying to find it!! *cough* xxx

      question mark 3


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