Tuning Fork…

Do you feel it? Like an ‘itch’ inside,
it tells you something and more beside.
Tells of places you could be, tells of exciting
things to see, tells you not to hold back in fear,
to let life take hold,  to raise a glass and cheer,
as a tuning fork you can feel the thrum. To live,
love and be happy,
perfectly attuned to life’s drum.

I have this Painting, Girl by The Sea,
she seems to be watching/waiting…
longing for another time another place… x

61 responses to “Tuning Fork…

  1. i love this – i used to have ‘a tuning fork’ – somehow it has gotten lost. not even certain if it still exists.

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  2. Yes, it’s the original version of restless leg syndrome–only I’d apply it to swimming into that body of water to discover everything.
    Waiting—bugger it!
    Hello xPenx.
    Every time I use the “x” I feel just a tad risque. LOL.

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    • Hi there Eva, waiting…always a restless inducing pastime.. the xPenx is a strange phenomenon, started as Just Pen x then it just sorta trannsmogrified into xPenx…. Does seem kind of risque… Heh!! 😳


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  3. I feel the thrum, Pen – what a great image.

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  4. Yes Pen this trick has followed me quite a way that dear ol tuning fork. Left or right oh lets try straight on today.
    Enjoy your week your words are amazing Pen
    X Sheila x

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  5. I miss you, Lady Pen … where are you? How are you?

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  6. Bravo Penny pour ta jolie plume d’écrit !!!! bises

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