Hold On Tight…

nightmars 1                                        I placed my foot                
upon the stair,
              then in a blink                             
                                  it wasn’t there.                                                                
I fell for miles, or
so it seemed
as if time slowed as I dreamed.
But opening eyes
wide in fright
gave true sense of my plight.
The ground                              
was coming,
                          hurtling fast,

as I relived a lifetime past.
Then suddenly, all was still
held in stasis by my will,
for the Pen
I gripped
became my friend,
taking control
I wrote…
The End  

Gotta love being in control. x

60 responses to “Hold On Tight…

  1. Love this! My stomach sank as I fell off the step with you!

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  2. When you fell, you regained your footing with us at the end of this poem!! 🙂

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  3. Wow Pen hope that ending was a wonderful one, a one you so deserve.
    Hugs Sheila xx


  4. Ha! Wish we could really stop a fall as easy as that. I have always had good balance, but about two years ago, lost my footing and took one of those spills. I don’t take my balance for granted any longer….. Nice twist, Pen!


    • thanks Leslie and sorry about your fall, …. In fact I can empathise, as I took a tumble in the garden and fell badly… foot twisted and a hernia that I’m still feeling the effects from a year later… Strange how we take things for granted ’til suddenly we’re brought up short and painfully… Glad you enjoyed the thrill of this ride though, it’s always good to have control of the Pen… (if not in real life .. sigh!!) 😉 xx

      nightmars 1


  5. Danke liebe Pen,ich wünsche dir einen schönen Nachmittag und eine gute Woche für dich.Liebe Grüße und Freundschaft.Gislinde


  6. Love this, Pen. 🙂

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  7. Beautifully written and entertaining Pen.
    Loved the ending, it really sounds like a fairytale story.

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  8. The beauty of your observation hits me just above my own shoreline. I have been moving through the hell of moving from my old apartment in a building I’ve lived in for the past thirty-four years; it was a rather smooth move on the whole, but it seemed thr process lasted forever―22 May until just now, an eternity considering my physical condition. I am just now getting back the telephone, internet, and television after a war with one telephone company and a hasty marriage to yet another, rather like Claudius in Hamlet, with Hamlet played by all the surprised people of my old building, Gertrude by the those of the new, and Polonius by the telephone company who in the end got his behind the arras. Tired I am but calm as in “Still Life.” Summer and peace at last! The last straw was an electricity bill for $623 [for two months] even though I froze my nibs despite the efforts of the inadequate heaters! At any rate, my new apartment has a world-dominating view of the West Mount and miles west from the 24th floor of my building, electricity, water, everything included in the rent including air-conditioning for this summer and allyoucaneat heating for this coming winter. And so, yes, indeed! It’s wonderful to be in control again.


  9. You do have your way with words…very well written.

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  10. “The ground
    was coming,
    hurtling fast,
    as I relived a lifetime past.”
    My favorite part….utterly beautiful.

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