My Bess….

1997 – 2011

Alright. Keep the Ball Hiya Beautiful

Digital StillCamera





Bess 1997-2011

The key turns
the door opens wide,
There’s no sound
as I step inside
No welcoming bark,
no tail wag for me
my eyes fill with tears

2 responses to “My Bess….

  1. Oh yes. I know. Bess, you were a beauty and I am glad I finally got to see you sweet girl.

    That is how I felt without my Angel Admiral. I still miss here so much though I have Katie Isabella whom I love just as much. Each girl had a different personality as Bess had her personality. They grown into our hearts and never leave.


    • they do indeed Carole, they twine round tight and never let go. I have tears in my eyes even now. Sad aren’t I? Yet… there are so many happy memories, why is my first reaction tears? I am so glad you saw my GIrl. She’s a beauty indeed she is/was and ever will be xxx


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