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Tuning Fork…

Do you feel it? Like an ‘itch’ inside,
it tells you something and more beside.
Tells of places you could be, tells of exciting
things to see, tells you not to hold back in fear,
to let life take hold,  to raise a glass and cheer,
as a tuning fork you can feel the thrum. To live,
love and be happy,
perfectly attuned to life’s drum.

I have this Painting, Girl by The Sea,
she seems to be watching/waiting…
longing for another time another place… x

Inner Reflecting…

owens-pond-dawn-041114-800webInner Reflecting on two
for one,  dark of night packed up
and gone. Morning glow yawns into sight
as lazy clouds puff up in delight. Trees reach up,
stretching high, releasing a contemplative sigh.
Perfectly framed, in perfect pose,
what will this day bring?
Whomsoever knows…

MY thanks to Steve , for the use of the above beautiful and reflective photo,  which awakened my brain cells into action…A much needed kick start methinks  x


question mark 3Is
a limit, I wonder,
in the brains ability
to store, memories, ideas,
  facial recognition
and more?
Picture file on file gathering dust,
as our life continues and we re-adjust,
to so many emotions felt on recall,
yet our Brain, single handed,
remembers them all.

On a good day that is!! 

Left With Right…

directions 3  I turned left,  walked on
then turned left again,
not sure of my bearings
whilst dodging fine rain.
I stopped at a corner,
looking left then right
as the rain became heavy,
almost blocking my sight.
Still I could see, I hadn’t reached
the right place. Turning back,
I was left with my steps
to retrace.


era-timeline In the fight for survival
does mankind hold the key?
We stand tall and proud, but what do we see?
As blow after blow brings us to our knees,
power cuts, floods, all deaf to our pleas.
By crying
foul to the weather, changed
beyond doubt, we’ve planted
our Standard,
now Nature
will out.