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The Extra Mile…

 xtra mile 3  If we walked a
mile in each others shoes,
would we take more care of the
we choose?
Would it make us
reflect about others in
plight or would we sleep
easy, no nightmares to
fight. No hunger to stifle,
no thirst to implore,
would we walk a
mile, then one
mile more?


The voice said
“Go back
‘Tis not
your time”
I floated down
to this body of mine,
lying there, flesh ‘n bone,
soulfully lost, on my own,
for the light was still there,
shining bright, calling to me,
feeling so right, beautiful,
pulling, surely not dreamt?
It just wasn’t my time,
‘Twasn’t meant.  


hands Hold fast to my hand,  don’t let go,
I have need of your strength
I’m not too proud to show
a weakness inside,
which calls for aid.
Please hold fast
as my senses
handsHold fast to my hand, I won’t let go,
to give you strength, to let you know,
I’m always here, a rock to cling
hold fast, senses flying.
handsHolding fast, sharing true,
Open your eyes,
I am one

Battle Eternal…

flame_thumb.gif The  flame, it burns eternal,
mortals have no say.
We are born,
thus we die,
’tis rightly
written this way.
The battle is never over
for neither side truly wins.
Good or evil cannot conquer,
they are co-joined as twins.


Line in the Sand Countless lines drawn in the sand
impossibly thin and barely seen,
some show how far you may go
some, where you have been.
Not warnings are they,
simply guidelines
giving hints,
should you need,
on overstepping boundaries
for personal gain or human greed.
Countless lines drawn in the sand,
who drew them long eons past?
Surely they were put in place,
to keep certain knowledge
within our grasp?