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Wait A Minute…

mirror mirror

I wait,
I always do,
but surely my waiting
reflects on you? You do
not care to let me know
the change of plans to
explain ‘no show’, as
I wait, I always do
but… now I reflect
on changing


To those companies, taxi firms, busses, Plumbers,
in fact anyone who keeps us waiting in suspense,
then again, could be referring to someone closer to
home, who always keeps me waiting, …
leaving me with the
thoughts above…
🙂 x

Time Gap…

I feel quite alien,
as if mis-stepping in time.
The beat of life’s drum changes
as a constantly rewritten rhyme.
There’s no
thing to say I’m different,
as nothing makes me stand out
but greeting and meeting others
gives me pause and reason to doubt.
A feeling of strangeness lingers
as if a thin veil glides between
this and that other reality
Mayhap that is where I
should have been?

The Summit …

g8logo Can you hear it,
can you feel it,
voices raised and hearts attuned?
You who sit and plan together,
can you see we’re not amused?
Our numbers increase daily,
our votes cannot be swayed.
We care, we have opinions,
decisions must be made.
Poverty and deprivation
are just words to you in power.
Countless lives are lost daily, facing their final hour.
Get your acts together, “Care for people”
for pities sake, as we all share this Planet
and there’s far
too much at stake.

This poem came to mind In response to Sue Dreamwalkers Blog,  Friday Facts, Privacy and Poverty    We all feel we need to do something, be it sign petitions, donate, vote in order to change things hopefully for the better. I just wish those in power would use that power for  GOOD,  and get things moving before it’s far too late. x


moment in Time,
between sleeping and 
waking, when the mind is held
no thoughts forsaking who or what
we are today. We’re in stasis,
we’re nothing but a heartbeat in
Still a mother wakes to the
soldier son dead, 
the factory consumes,
leaving grief in it’s stead.
The Tornado speaks of
Mother Natures way.
We are in stasis,
we are nothing,
but a heartbeat in


Flying Wishes The wishes of billions,
pleas of millions, silently flying high.
Whoever doth hear their pleading,
since the dawn of time slipped by?
Should thy voice be heard over many,
in a wish to rewind thy life,
would there be an answer ready,
a choice to cut clean with a knife?
Wouldst thou start
from the very beginning
as a babe, page blank and unknown
or choose again via teenage years,
feeling lost,  not totally grown.
All gifts come with a warning,
alas this one comes with three,
say farewell to thy present life,
thy past, and the person
that is thee.