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Pale Blue Morning…

Pale Blue Morning In the
pale blue of morning,
before the sun casts it’s light,
when the day is near to breaking,
although still grasped by night.
The air seems filled with promise,
as if sharing a secret or two,
in the pale blue of morning,
all things possible,
could come
to you.


Problem Solved…

 Old fence
The old wooden fence leant over,
weighed down by age and wear.
Thick-set ivy clung on regardless
white-belled flowers nod in the air.
The house looked lost and dreamy,
dusty windows mournful to see
how unruly was the large garden
without hands tending lovingly.
Years passed by since it’s owner,
had gone sadly leaving no heirs.
Years since any voice echoed
in faded rooms, halls and stairs…
But wait, loud voices and laughter,
a key opens the creaking front door,
the house shivers to it’s top rafter
sensing feet and hands as they explore.
The new fence stands proud and smiling
the house looks on, feeling utmost glee
totally spick and span as it could wish
complete with a happy, loving family…

I didn’t know how to end the story of the house and garden, sometimes I just go with the flow, this time tho’  I nearly went  the wrecking crew route, but didn’t have the heart,.. The house, the fence and garden is now alive to me ,… you see?   😉


ribbon streaming

 You hide there deep in the shadows,
tell me, dost thou wait for me
to close my eyes,
breathe so deep,
to dream
art thou
than a
fear rising dark in my mind,
couldst thou be standing watch o’er me,
a guide, without whom I’d search blind.
There be no answer
it seems that trust is the key,
you wait there deep
in the shadows,
live in hope
you are

Azure Skies…

Grain of HumanityIn plumbing murky depths
thou must first recognise, dizzy
heights were e’er reached by
scaling azure skies. 
If thy fall is
thou must
think on,
self-doubt begone. 
So cast thine own light,
ne’er lamenting thy creed., 
for thou art the genus
of Adams seed.

Alarm & Bess…


Alarm Clock


watch the dial,
eyes on the time
I don’t know why
I wait for the chime,
to say its time to get out of bed
I wake first, as the alarm seems in my head…

LadyP © 2011


This past week has been very, very painful to live through, on finding out from the vets that Bess’s blood test on Tuesday showed that she has possible Kidney failure. They took her off her usual painkillers (as they were not recommended to be taken with this disease) but they did not think to replace them with any other meds. So from Tuesday ‘til Friday she was steadily going downhill by losing her ability to walk at all with her Osteoarthritis. I rang the vets and got an appointment on Friday to talk over the results and to find out why she couldn’t have any pain relief. They suggested Steroids but needed to check with the manufacturers to make sure they were ok to be taken with Bess’s problems.

This was Friday, and on Saturday morning Bess’s left front leg could not be moved without causing her instant pain.   We called the vet as soon as the surgery opened on Saturday morning, 9 0’clock, and had to wait for her to have a free slot to talk to us. My ex is a rock at the moment and he answered the phone when she finally rang at 11 o’clock, giving the ok , and ex went to fetch the pain killers. She’s been on them since Saturday morning and enough to say that this morning she was playing ball and staggering around barking at me tidying the garden.  My girl is no longer in pain, and although I know the road ahead is not going to be smooth,  until she has no quality of life left we will work through every pitfall.

I must admit that on Saturday morning I sat with her in my arms, watching as she was a tight ball of pain, and crying my eyes out as I was so helpless to do anything, waiting and praying for the vet to ring us with news about the Steroids, and both my ex and myself were wondering about asking for the final Injection,  to ease her suffering.  I have an almost hatred of Vets at the moment, at their seeming uncaring, unthinking attitude. We pay for a high degree of care, and Bess’s records show she needs pain killers, so why was she left without them for so long, and why was it left to us to ask for them?

We have another appointment tomorrow,  and we have to take a Urine sample with us, ( games ahead trying to catch her at it!!)  but hopefully the sample will show good results.  My fingers are crossed so , so tightly…

Which is why I thought I’d better let you know why I haven’t updated, and also why I haven’t been able to answer comments and visit anyone’s blogs.

I‘m lucky in that I can work from home, and my ex will help too. I would ask that you please pray for my girl, and may I thank you in advance for reading this, as I know I’m wittering on, but it has been almost a cathartic way of getting rid of the pain and feeling of helplessness inside.


LadyP… 2011