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Line in the Sand Countless lines drawn in the sand
impossibly thin and barely seen,
some show how far you may go
some, where you have been.
Not warnings are they,
simply guidelines
giving hints,
should you need,
on overstepping boundaries
for personal gain or human greed.
Countless lines drawn in the sand,
who drew them long eons past?
Surely they were put in place,
to keep certain knowledge
within our grasp?


Tawny Decision…

Owl  Poor
Tawny Owl was
feeling ever so weary,
sitting under a moon
shining whitely down.
He sighed, then blinked

twice to see clearly,
coughed loudly, 
staring down with a frown.
The large gathering sat before
him, were all restless,  making such
a loud din, taking no notice of his wise
decision, so gaining their attention was up to
him.  He swooped quickly, picking up a
youngster, who squealed loudly and wriggled
in his hold, Owl dropped him on a grass mound
safely,  hooted once and said  ‘Do as you’re told’
They all grew quiet, then patiently waited
for Tawny Owl to continue with his say.
all they heard was a loud snoring sound…
Poor Tawny Owl has had such a tiring day…

Balancing Act Too…



Mother NatureNature can be cruel, hardly ever kind,
should we claim unawareness
we’d surely be blind
to the varied facets
of Natures law
as wild animals
on the Earth
live and die
by claw…
Mankind has
the delicate
linked cycles,
making sure she
as he brings us to the edge
of Earths ruin in his name.
Dare we look Nature
in the face
and try apportion blame?



Re-posted for Earth Day….

Life Span…

Three score years
plus ten, the Biblical
lifespan allotted to men.
Tho’ times have changed
some live much longer,
our quest for health
getting stronger,
a cure on the cards
for all that could ail us
with an outside chance
Scientists will avail us all
everlasting life plus more.
We want this, but think on,
are we ready, for sure…?



I was young,
just a little sprite,
I believed grownups
were wise and always right.
That they knew everything,
nothing was left unknown.
I’ve discovered the truth,
now I’m grown.