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Tuning Fork…

Do you feel it? Like an ‘itch’ inside,
it tells you something and more beside.
Tells of places you could be, tells of exciting
things to see, tells you not to hold back in fear,
to let life take hold,  to raise a glass and cheer,
as a tuning fork you can feel the thrum. To live,
love and be happy,
perfectly attuned to life’s drum.

I have this Painting, Girl by The Sea,
she seems to be watching/waiting…
longing for another time another place… x


Change, for changes sake?


I suppose it’s the New Year, maybe a need for a change or just a need within myself. I keep trying to change my site header, background, anything to make a difference. Anything, other than change the Theme, for Coraline it is, and Coraline it will stay. I cannot let go of the layout.  It ‘fits’  In such a way my life ‘fits’. I had a big decision last year but one,  (well,  it’s just I have this thing about years, I hate them passing so I backdate-without-numbers type of thing) and I am living by it. I nearly left my safe life to start a new one.  The House was up for sale and I was on cloud nine, going to start a life on my own.  In love with change, a difference from the day-to-day grind I decided I was living.  My holding pin was gone, My Bess, she left me and I broke. Into pieces. Strange to write that, not my partner but my dog, who was my friend and my heart.  Not a nice thing to write really, another human being was hurting too and I added to his pain.  We didn’t fit any more but there was a friendship and closeness which counts for a heck of a lot and I tried to be cold, heartless,  selfish, in order to break away. Totally unlike me. Enough to say I came to my senses, the house was taken off the market, Bess was still gone, but there was a firm foundation not sand beneath my feet.
Life goes on as it always will ‘til our last breath, it’s up to us to make sure it’s a life well lived and loved, if only in friendship, for love seems so fragile to me.
I don’t Blog about myself often, but I just spent a day trying to change my blog settings, and ended up just changing the background and header, small payment for a large headache, but I’m happy. (and grumpy, sneezy etc….) most of the time.



Flying Wishes The wishes of billions,
pleas of millions, silently flying high.
Whoever doth hear their pleading,
since the dawn of time slipped by?
Should thy voice be heard over many,
in a wish to rewind thy life,
would there be an answer ready,
a choice to cut clean with a knife?
Wouldst thou start
from the very beginning
as a babe, page blank and unknown
or choose again via teenage years,
feeling lost,  not totally grown.
All gifts come with a warning,
alas this one comes with three,
say farewell to thy present life,
thy past, and the person
that is thee.