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You asked could you be forgiven, 
I said yes, but you see I lied.
You asked if you had hurt me,
I said no, truth is I cried.
Truth can be sometimes hurtful,
make the vulnerable even more so.
Then you asked if we had a future,
I answered with truth,
coup de grâce,
a loud

A Hands Touch…

Helping Hand
A hand to hold,
a hand to care,
to know
a helping hand is there.
Certainly it means so much
when a hand is imbued
with true loves


You told me you loved me,
told me fate had played a part
in bringing us together,
that I had touched
your heart.
You showered me
with little things
you thought
my heart desired,
except for one,
a need to know…
was my love

Pealed Openly

My friend Sweet Willow follows NaPoWriMo
for daily prompts to aid the creation of poems
to a theme, below is my entry, (a day late …)
also above is a link to Willows site…
I’ve never tried to quickly theme a poem,
but this is what instantly came to mind…
(I copied my comment to Willow…  )

NaPoWriMo: Day 24. Today’s prompt is to think about words buried in words. In particular, think about the words buried in your own name. Plug your name into an anagram generator, like this one, and try writing a self-portrait poem using words that are generated


well, lets think, I tried Lady Penelope, and one stood out… pealed openly… and another leadenly plop…. I think not the 2nd as somehow leaden hearts plopping came to mind, but the first one.. mayhap this will do?..

self knowldge 3 
You said I should change,
I should rearrange,
my emotions to fit your need,
but I’m not that way,
my inner emotions hold sway
I’m led by neither sex nor greed
I’m sorry to say I’ve changed inside
I give no care for your creed,
I wouldn’t let go of friends I knew
but you asked that I follow your lead.
I’ve a complex heart, I have to feel love
for there to be any hope or chance
but you wanted to play the loud music
before I’d learned the steps to the dance

I pealed openly my inner thoughts my friend Willow
… Hugs aplenty xx

Soul Prints…

Dove of humanityDove of humanity 
so crisp in the snow,
left the safety of the path behind.
Looking about I wondered where to go,
if I followed would I be out of my mind?
’Twas an easy decision, I trailed the prints
finding myself trekking for miles,
‘til there ahead I spied a glade,
free of Winters icy wiles…
In the centre
a laughing brook tumbled,
birds happily chirped in trees,  
I walked to the bank of the water,
feeling warmth as I sank to my knees.
I trailed my cold fingers to thaw them,
for to take the fierce aching away,
’twas then I suddenly espied him
and I stood up quickly to say
“Beg pardon, is this glade
private, should I
not be here at all?”
He replied with such love, “You are here, my dove,
as you died in the cold snow fall”