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 Ye Olde Tome 
‘Twas an old leather tome
left forgotten and alone,
muttering long at it’s decay.
‘Twas Magic you see,
had a destiny but
all it did was sit,
Ye olde leather tome
knew if it wanted to roam,
matters needed taking in hand.
So it searched it’s full pages,
which seemed to take ages,
as the runes proved hard to
Ye Olde leather book,
found the spell, thence it took
due care to speak magic words well.
Forsooth, it’s form changed,
to a Dragon rearranged,
now in a Mountain
top cave
doth it 

Thought Control……

PhotobucketThere’s a very special magic hat,
it’s invisible you see…..
it’s only seen by clever folk …
(that’s you and me)
If you place it on your head,
you can wish for anything
trouble is, it reads your mind,
so mayhem it may bring.
You could wish for Peace on Earth,
as a final ending to war
but it could grant Total Silence…
to last for evermore.
No birds will sing, no voice will ring,
nothing at all to hear
So control your thoughtful mind
and make your wish



LadyP © 2010





Gold Ring
Mystical Gold RingMystical Gold Ring“There’s nothing I need”
I said to the Stall Man,
stood drinking his coffee beside a White Van.
His eyebrows raised,  his eyes twinkled with glee,
he thought for a while before he answered me.
“Nothing at all…  Not in need of anything?
Well, how about this?”  he brought forth a small ring,
saying “This is so special, why not try it for size?”
It fitted exactly, my eyes gazed long at the prize,
I asked“How can I afford such a precious thing?”
said he “Take it, for all the luck it might bring
It was forged by someone I met times past
may it bring you good fortune enough to last”
I sighed before asking
“What will the price be?”
he stared, deadly serious
eyes hypnotising me.
“No money will buy this,
it has chosen you now.
Charmed to your finger,
soon it will show you how
to travel between Worlds
thought long ago dead”
His voice now filled me
with excitement-tinged dread.
“You are destined to search
on quests travelling far,
Milady, nothing
you need?
How so

LadyP© 2011

Gold Ring

A Page Turner..


‘Tis …
a book
like no other,
no tale to tell,
forever open,
mystic pages turning.
Shouldst thou murmur a spell,
incant the words well
thou wilt be blessed
by a great deal of learning.
Mystical sign
But …
of the Book
before thou
cast a first look
should thy incant
be in doubt, thou must ponder,
couldst thou pay the high fee?
For it waits with such glee
as thou become trapped
by a feeling
of wonder.
Mystical sign
Yes …

this Knowledgeable Book,
tricks some who look,
aking their minds
and thoughts
without sorrow.
It just lives to take,
there’s no pity at stake
so beware and
on the

LadyP © 2010
repost ….











Safe and Sound…Conclusion…


PhotobucketI gasped,  trying to catch my breath as tear after helpless tear streamed down my face.   Gregoryk was in the same condition, helpless laughter echoed all round the cavern as he told me tale after tale of the hapless Knights who had turned up at his Cave entrance trying to prove themselves the bravest and the best.
Stories which he told with a quick wit and sly mischievous humour, giving me such a vivid mind picture of the events that my sense of the ridiculous was tickled again and again.  IN the end I cried out for mercy  ‘Oh Please, Gregoryk, please no more, I can’t breathe at all well and my eyes are so red and watery, in fact I think there’s a lash caught in my eye’   He sobered up straight away and was all concern… ‘Here take this gold mirror and see if it helps you and I think there’s a  lace hankie around somewhere’ …. a comment which sent me into peals of laughter again as I thought on who might have left such a trophy, mayhap Sir Prenderghast, who left in such a hurry after Greg threatened to roast him, fully tinned, for supper.  This Knight had tried to magic his way into Greg’s cave and have away with all the treasure before Greg even opened his eyes,  little knowing Magic would not work against the wily Old Red Dragon.  Greg had feigned sleep and gave the Knight the shock of his life, by opening one of his large eyes and saying ‘Boo’  … Which had been enough to startle said Knight who, from the aroma issuing forth, had soiled his armour quite badly before he jet propelled himself from sight never to be seen again, leaving only a monogrammed lace handkerchief to show he’d ever graced Gregoryks cave at all.


As  he leaned over helpfully holding the mirror to the light,  we both heard the scandalised tones of Fyrespike,  “Unhand that Lady, Gregoryk or you’ll have me to answer too”  He appeared out of the blue with a deadly and fierce expression on his face, clutching his Red Pipe, already fully lit and sending smoke trails enough to fill the Cavern,

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