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Hold On Tight…

nightmars 1                                        I placed my foot                
upon the stair,
              then in a blink                             
                                  it wasn’t there.                                                                
I fell for miles, or
so it seemed
as if time slowed as I dreamed.
But opening eyes
wide in fright
gave true sense of my plight.
The ground                              
was coming,
                          hurtling fast,

as I relived a lifetime past.
Then suddenly, all was still
held in stasis by my will,
for the Pen
I gripped
became my friend,
taking control
I wrote…
The End  

Gotta love being in control. x


The voice said
“Go back
‘Tis not
your time”
I floated down
to this body of mine,
lying there, flesh ‘n bone,
soulfully lost, on my own,
for the light was still there,
shining bright, calling to me,
feeling so right, beautiful,
pulling, surely not dreamt?
It just wasn’t my time,
‘Twasn’t meant.  


 words 5 Pointless,
how I dislike that word
it makes a mockery of hope.
It gives the impression ‘better not start’,
sets you depressed on the slippery slope
now this is encouraging,
speaks of a sense in what you do
raising your spirits to their fullest extent,
creating a desirable goal for you.
LadyP ©2014


 Chris Challice photos 021_1 We
stare eye to eye,
every day, putting on
make-up, nothing to say,
a reflection looks back,
’tis my face I know, sometimes
a connection as a smile starts to grow,
but at others there’s nothing
eyes meet with lips pursed
you’re me, as I’m you but
who’ll look away